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  • Bryan Jones


I had originally applied for a Rattletrap 2020 media pass to allow for an all-access shoot. Sadly, the event was cancelled for the year due to Covid restrictions. Unfortunately, the rescheduled 2021 event crept up too quickly for me to apply as a photographer. This left me standing behind the fence with the spectators.

The day was quite bright and highly reflective, creating a very challenging environment to shoot. To add to the drama of the day, the tide was coming in faster than expected, trapping competitors between sinking sand and salty waves.. with a few copping the full force of the oceans power.

A few unlucky competitors.

Zenza Bronica GS-1 + Portra 800 Film

Juggling between my digital mirrorless and analogue medium format camera became a heavy task. I spat out multiple rolls of 120 film and plenty of digital images. I attended the event on my own and decided to leave earlier than planned to beat the traffic out of town. On my way out, I snapped a few photographs of the rare finds sitting idly in the carparks. I always enjoy this event and am looking forward to the next Rattletrap experience.

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